Compass for Life is a unique approach that brings together the best aspects of leadership training currently available into a simple, concise, and effective framework. It complements all current leadership methodology by aligning them with each cardinal so that everyone can have a compass for life that works for them as an individual, family, team or organisation.

In education, Compass for Life is a framework that provides students with a formula that empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning, and to achieve their ambitions in partnership with their teachers. It is not limited to just academic goals and can be used by people of all ages and nationalities, so it also helps the teachers develop their own compass as they journey with their students to higher levels of performance.

Transfers seamlessly to home life

Delivers professional development to all ages

Aligned to the Compass Cardinals

24 Week programme over 4 half terms

When we decided to do compass it wasn’t just for the children, it was for the staff as well.   When we had our staff Compass day, the feedback was that they’d never had any professional training that was solely about them as an individual.  On a personal level,  it’s changed the way I look at things and the decisions I’ve made in my life in the last 6 months.

Suzanne Best - Headteacher, Kingshill School

Using a map, and the four cardinal points of the compass as a simple framework, Compass For Life allows students to connect with their dreams and ambitions.

Compass For Life gives students an authentic purpose for learning that drives their motivation.

Compass For Life provides a moral framework to use in a dynamic and challenging world.

Learning together and learning better as part of a team are key.

Compass For Life comes with a comprehensive set of materials for easy delivery in the classroom including an online platform for teachers within and across schools to share resources and trade ideas.

If ever you get the opportunity to work with or for Floyd I strongly suggest that you jump at the opportunity as it will be you that benefits for the relationship.

Mick Betteridge MBE QGM - Chief of Staff and Head of UK Operations at Cortland Partners

We all travel a path through life. When we look back the route seems clear, but few of us have a clear idea of where we are going when we start out. As our journey progresses we hit barriers and get tempted to change course, backtrack or stop altogether. When we consult our maps in mid-life and check-in with our dreams many of us feel lost – and we haven’t ever been taught how to get our ambitions back on track.

Compass for Life is a framework that helps you plot a path through life. It is not limited to just academic goals and can be used by people of all ages and nationalities. It provides a common language that helps you connect with your teachers and mentors as you progress. You become part of a network that enables you to inspire and take inspiration from others who are following a path just like you.

At school all of us were taken on a journey towards GCSEs, then A Levels and on to university or a job. But what if your dream was to be a deep-sea diver or to be a social entrepreneur? Or what if all you could do was to survive as your family broke apart and you struggled to stay away from bad influences? Even those lucky enough to get a degree often struggle to know what to do next.

For children who start out at the back of the pack C4L provides a vital bridge to their dreams – which are as real as anyone else’s. It shows them how to find and articulate their ambitions. It gives them the skills needed to plan and reach the milestones on their personal life map. It shows them that they are not alone and connects them with others who can provide essential emotional support.

I have had the privilege of seeing how he has drawn on his own experience, knowledge, skills and human insights, and worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to assemble his ideas into a transformational form with the purpose of helping others to develop their capacity to lead both themselves and others … He is a wonderful role model – he walks the talk.

Dr Neil Hawkes, founder of Values-Based Education

"There is nothing more powerful than asking a child what they want to do in life and watching them bring out their map and articulate the journey they are going on." - Floyd Woodrow

Watch the power of Compass for Life in action at a recent school - with thanks to Kingshill School and in particular Charlotte.

It fits into the curriculum beautifully and we haven't needed to make any huge sweeping changes.  We’ve dove-tailed it with personal and social education– it all blends in a fully complimentary way to the work that we were doing

Suzanne Best - Headteacher, Kingshill School

The Compass for Life programme reflects the requirements of Ofsted. Explore the main taught themes in the infographic below, and how they integrate with Ofsted.

Yesterday we had a visit from an inspector from the DfE as part of our academy conversion.  One of her questions to the group of children she had was, ‘Where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ She was blown away by the answers and how well the children articulated their plans.  The Compass for Life also came up at the governors’ meetings, with parent governors reporting how engaged their children were with the project and how it has influenced their attitude to school and learning.

Paul Kilgallon - Headteacher, St Barnabas EC First and Middle School

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