The compass for life foundation has been designed to help all children achieve their dreams and ambitions through a lifelong programme of development and learning in a dynamic and changing world, but most importantly aimed at the most disadvantaged children in the UK.

When the most disadvantaged leave primary school they can be as much as a year behind their peer group, and after secondary school over two years.  The compass programme enables the children to have a Super North Star - this is the North cardinal on their compass - where they can dream and create hope without someone telling them to be realistic or they have no chance of success.

Our dreams and ambitions can be fragile to start with so they need someone to unlock them and allow them to grow.  The fearlessness of a child’s imagination is a wonder to behold when set free.

"Compass for Life has given our children focus and purpose.  They know what they want to do, and they’re working hard for it. They’re enjoying it, and it’s helping us to give school purpose.

Suzanne BestHeadteacher - Kingshill School

Compass For Life in Action

Click the video to hear about Charlotte's Super North Star

Explore The Compass Cardinals

North - The North Star

This is the North cardinal on their compass - where they can dream and create hope without someone telling them to be realistic or they have no chance of success.

West - Warrior

The West cardinal is their warrior, this is their strength of character and ability to fight for what they want and believe.  Where they learn about accountability, physical, mental resilience and wellbeing.

East - Ethos

The East cardinal is our ethos, our  values, behaviour and ability to communicate effectively to achieve their Super North Star.  Often formed in childhood.  Our ethos is a mixture of nature and nurture and evolves throughout our life.

South - Strategist

The South cardinal is their ability to be a strategist and plan their lives, to look at facts and have wisdom. On every journey we will have to overcome trials and tribulations. Being a strategist enables us to set milestones, contingencies in place and adjust our journey as we come across obstacles.

With their compass in hand the children now design a life map to navigate with.  The programme is designed to inspire and empower children to follow their dreams.  The most wonderful thing about the programme is that it also supports the teachers on their own journey and provides a common language to ensure that all children can be heard.  It also supports every aspect of learning in the current curriculum and gives meaning to the subjects the children are being taught.

There is nothing more powerful than asking a child what they want to do in life and watching them bring out their map and articulate the journey they are going on.

Our Values

We believe that every child in the UK should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams irrespective of where they start out

We believe that most people do not fulfill their potential and would be happier if they did. Giving everybody a simple-to-understand approach to achieving their dreams will improve well-being.

We are a not for profit foundation but our aim is to generate sufficient revenue from commercial activities to be entirely self-funding


Schools in the UK, where...


of children are classified as disadvantaged



children in total

The primary goal of this programme is to give these disadvantaged children the same chance to fulfil their dreams as children from the most privileged backgrounds.