The Trustees created the Compass For Life Foundation to help all children achieve their dreams and ambitions through a lifelong programme of development and learning. And most importantly we want the most disadvantaged children in the UK get extra help because they so often start out behind the curve. When they leave primary school they can be as much as a year behind their peer group and after secondary over two years. The essence of the programme is simple but amazingly powerful. Children articulate their dreams and draw a map that takes them towards this super north star. They are given a compass to navigate their way - a set of tools and skills that can be used to overcome hurdles they meet. The programme supports teachers on their own journey and provides a common language to ensure that all children can be heard. It also supports every aspect of learning in the current curriculum and gives meaning to the mainstream subjects that children are taught. There is nothing more powerful than asking a child what they want to do in life and watching them bring out their map and articulate the journey they are going on. For those children who start out at the back of the pack Compass For Life provides a vital bridge to their dreams.

"Compass For Life have created a most important and original model for developing young people that sits firmly within and supports the curriculum and has already proven its potential to close the disadvantage gap between students and assist social mobility"

Sir Anthony Seldon - Vice Chancellor of the University of  Buckingham

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The Compass For Life Foundation is run by CEO Floyd Woodrow and COO Geoffrey Roberts, and is supported by a board of trustees that oversee the Foundation's activities.

The Compass For Life Foundation is supported by a board of trustees that oversee its activities, bringing a wide range of backgrounds and expertise to the Foundation.Click on a name below to view full details.

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In a career spanning over 40 years Roger has held senior executive and board positions with leading media, music and sports brands, including the BBC, ITV, EMI, Decca, the WRU, the Millennium Stadium plc, GWR plc and Classic FM.Click on the picture on the right to see Roger's map.

Up until April 2018 Steve was Chief Operating Officer of ByBox Holdings, a company he helped found in 1999. As well as experience of taking a business from the start-up phase through to private equity investment, Steve is an experienced senior manager and board director.Click on the picture on the right to see Steve's map.

Adrian has over 30 years international business experience including leadership roles in private companies and subsidiaries of FTSE companies. He served on boards in the UK, Asia and Africa and has also worked in business advisory groups with a global reach. Adrian’s experience is in the electrical, electronics, fluid systems and distribution sectors.Click on the picture on the right to see Adrian's map.

Spencer, who is based in London, is married with two children and works within the office of the CFO at Deutsche Bank as the Head of Investment Governance for the bank's multi-billion Euro annual investment made across its Technology estate. He joined Deutsche Bank in 2014 as Chief Auditor for COO before taking his existing role in 2018. Prior to this, he has held positions in the front office at Barclays Capital, within risk management at JPMorgan, and in providing capital markets focused consulting to financial clients whilst at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he trained. With a 20 year career in financial markets, and having lived and worked in Asia, the US and UK during his career, Spencer brings to Compass for Life valuable perspectives on risk management, effective governance and corporate fund raising.

Floyd Woodrow has an excellent track record of success as a Military Leader, Director, Non-Executive Director, Consultant and Negotiator. Floyd is challenging, supportive and totally committed to developing elite teams and individuals as well as offering practical and commercial value in strategic planning and execution. Click on the picture to the right to see Floyd's map.

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